MTP Fiber Optic Cable solutions for all types of Multi Fiber Cable terminations


Are you in search of mpo fiber optic solutions or a way to customize your mtp or mpo fiber optic cable needs.  Then you have come to the mtp cable experts.  Our extensive mtp training at the mtp connector manufacturer, USConec, has helped us to produce the highest quality and tested mpo fiber optic cable assembly manufactures in the United States.  With our Great fiber optic prices and knowledgeable staff here to assist, you’ve come to the right place!  You’ll find reliable quality, consistent service, and top quality products.  Our vast inventory is able to satisfy the needs of various manufacturing companies.  When you’re in need of expertise in fiber optics, the our team is standing by to assist.  You can quickly shop our online inventory, which makes it possible to enjoy a convenient shopping experience you won’t find anywhere else. With so many advantages—why trust anyone else for your MTP fiber optics cable needs?


Inventory Including:

MPO Cables, MTP Cables, MPO Connectors, MTP Connectors, MPO Adapters, MTP Adapters, 12 Fiber Ribbon Pigtails, MTP Cassettes, MPO Cassettes, MTP Fan out cables, MPO Fan out cables, Ruggedized Fiber Optic Cables, 40Gb cables, MTP Singlemode Cables, MPO Singlemode Cables, MTP multimode cables, MPO multimode cables, Standard Ribbon Fan-out Cable, 3mm Fan-out Cable Assemblies, Miniature Fan out Cable Assemblies,


You’ll Also Find Many Patch Cable Options, Such As:

MTP to ST fiber cables

MTP to SC fiber cables

MTP to LC fiber cables

MTP to FC fiber cables

And many more options.


We look forward to assisting with your Multi fiber connector cable needs.

Welcome To The home of MTP and MPO fiber optic cable. 


Reliability, consistency, and quality is what we put behind every MTP Fiber optic cable assembly we manufacture.


We supply products such  as MTP fiber optic Connectors, MTP fiber optic cables, MTP Cassettes, MTP fan out cables, Custom Multi fiber cables, MTP/MPO multi fiber cable, MTP / MPO Fiber optic pigtails, ribbon fiber optic cables, and much more.  Our manufacturing  and distribution facility  are located in USA..  Every  MPO Fiber Optic Cable we manufacture is put through our stringent quality control standards and procedures so there are no problems on the customers end when the cable is received. 


All fiber optic cables are guaranteed to meet and exceed the customers expectations.

MTP fiber, MTP Connector, MTP cable

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Reliable, Consistent, Quality

MTP fiber, MTP Connector, MTP cable

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Reliable, Consistent, Quality

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MTP/MPO Difference?


MTP / MPO Fiber Optic Cable


Single Mode MTP/MPO Cables


Multimode MTP/MPO Cables

MTP / MPO Fiber Optic Fan Outs


MTP / MPO - LC Fan Outs


MTP / MPO - FC Fan Outs


MTP / MPO - SC Fan Outs


MTP / MPO - ST Fan Outs

MTP / MPO Connectors

MTP / MPO Cassettes


MTP / MPO - LC Cassette


MTP / MPO - SC Cassette


MTP / MPO - ST Cassette


MTP / MPO - FC Cassette


MTP / MPO - FC/APC Cassette


MTP/ MPO - SC/APC Cassette

MTP / MPO Splice Pigtail


MTP / MPO Ribbon Pigtail


MTP / MPO Splice on Break Out

MTP / MPO Fiber Optic Adapters


MTP / MPO Adapter Plates


MTP / MPO Mating Sleeves

Ruggedized MTP / MPO Cables


Amphenol Circular MTP Cables


Deutsch Circular MTP Cables

Fiber Optic Patch Panels




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